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{{filter.module_housing_height_min.label}} inch
{{filter.module_housing_width_min.label}} mm
{{filter.module_housing_height_min.label}} mm
{{filter.module_housing_width_min.label}} mm
{{filter.module_housing_height_min.label}} mm

System designer

Operating range
Performance range
Operating point
Maximum values (Current and Tc) for safety
Range (Current and Tc) for performance
Performance window
THD < 20% and PF > 0.9
Min AOC level
Min AOC level for min Dim level
Driver window
Tolerance range
Operating point

Input your system Flux or drive Current
A system consists of one or multiple modules and one driver

If you select this Flux bullet point the value remains fixed after you change the Current value or the Tc value
Clear values
If you select this Current bullet point the value remains fixed after you change the Flux value or the Tc value
Temperature at the Tc point. The Tc point for each LED module is indicated both on the PCB and in the associated datasheet.
Reset Tc
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The selected system does not support this setting.
We will clear the selected module, you can keep exploring with the selected filters and values to see the systems that fit in, or to change the selected filters and values.